Objectives of the programme

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The Masters programme Crossways in Cultural Narratives’ main target is to provide to the students a wide understanding of Arts and the skills necesssary to their professional life.

Generating knowledge, understanding, transferable skills

  •  to provide future managers with top-class methodological and communicative skills, and with the knowledge and insight required in people who are to play key roles in, for instance, international exchanges, national administrations, parliamentary research, large media groups;

  • to provide doctoral researchers and managers alike with an inventive flexibility of mind by promoting teamwork and teaching practices which exceed national particularities; and to confer the critical acumen, the multi-track thinking, the innovative propensity required to deal with a rapidly evolving world;

  • to promote fruitful networking between different areas of knowledge, research, and discovery in the study-fields related to European cultural identities and its different homogenous and heterogeneous aspects over the centuries. This experimental aspect is the key element in the establishment of a free circulation of ideas benefiting students and researchers alike.
  • Communicational skills
  • Methodological skills
  • Research methodology
  • Languages abilities
  • International networking
  • Professional experience
  • Critical thinking
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Date of update December 4, 2020