Mobility pathways

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The mobility track for each student involves 3 out of the 12 universities of the Consortium.

Each partner University of your pathway can award you with a masters degree at the end of the programme. You may obtain a maximum of three Masters degrees.

N.B.: The Associate Universities (UFRJ- Brazil and UIA-Mexico) do not provide Masters degrees; as a result, if one associate University is part of your pathway, you can expect to receive two Masters degrees at the end of the programme.

The mobility pattern for all students is:

  •           Semester 1 – University A;
  •           Semester 2 and Semester 3 – « Home University » University B;
  •           Semester 4 – University C.

Mobility restrictions

  1. Students may not choose a mobility track comprising both the University of St Andrews and the University of Sheffield;
  2. Students may not spend the same academic year in both Canada (Guelph) and the UK (St Andrews/ Sheffield);
  3. Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and Universidad  Iberoamericana de la Ciudad de México cannot be chosen as Home Universities. Students may not study in both;
  4. Students from partner countries must study in European Universities;
  5. Students from programme countries may choose only one non-European institution.

Recommended pathways

Here are some recommended pathways:



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Date of update November 14, 2017