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Crossways in Cultural Narratives programme

The  Masters programme CWCN offers a two-year Masters programme in the field of comparative literature & inter-medial studies.

It has been selected and co-funded by the European Commission for three cohorts: 2018-2020/2019-2021/2020-2022.

The International Masters programme is accessible for application to European and non-European students. This programme does not provide Erasmus Mundus scholarships and is not co-funded by the European Commission but will offer to the top 5 students a 20 000€ scholarship.

Why Crossways in Cultural Narratives?

A common Master-theme

Ways of thought, of behaviour, of outlook, of student travel and study which cross boundaries between states, education systems, cultures; but also between collective identities, national culture-spheres, mindframes, value-sets and modes of thought….

The very fact of studying 'elsewhere', as you will quickly find out if you join the programme, raises acutely all these dimensions of human (cultural) difference; thus bringing into focus questions only half-understood before.

A common Interdisciplinarity

Among other boundaries crossed: those of subject discipline. This programme draws on insights, perspectives and methods borrowed from: literature, literary and film criticism, history, linguistics, semiotics, cultural studies, media studies, critical theory, philosophy.


One programme, Three mobilities


The mobility track is chosen by the applicant (in accordance with the mobility restrictions) and must adopt the following structure:
-the dates below are approximate and may vary from one University to another, due to local agendas.

At the end, students will each obtain up to three Masters degrees from the Universities of their pathways.
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Date of update April 29, 2021