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Students follow a personal mobility track in three different Universities out of the 12 of the Consortium.

Each student may spend their Semester 1 in University A, their Semesters 2 and 3 in University B and their Semester 4 in University C.

Each student should obtain 30 ECTS per semester in order to pursue the programme. 120 ECTS are necessary to obtain degrees from the Universities.
Universidad Iberoamericana de la Ciudad de Mexico and Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro do not deliver degrees, but only certificates of study.

No degree will be delivered if the necessary 120 ECTS are not obtained by the student.

Students should fulfill the requirements of the programme and Consortium universities in terms of academic standards, assessment procedures, and behaviour.

Each student should read carefully the student handbook and abide by the established guidelines.
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Date of update November 16, 2020