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Dissertation represents max 40 ECTS out of the 120 ECTS necessary to obtain during the programme Crossways in Cultural Narratives.


  • Semester 1 - Choosing a topic
  • Semester 2 - The Semester 2 Dissertation stage or Dissertation report - 5 ECTS if internship/ 10 ECTS if  no internship
  • Semester 3 - The Semester 3 Dissertation stage or Dissertation progress - 10 ECTS
  • Semester 4 - The Final dissertation - 20 ECTS
In order to fulfill with all the requirements and the deadline of the different steps, students must read carefully the dissertation guidelines.

Should they have any question, students may refer to the dissertation coordinator, Marine Ganofsky, from the University of St Andrews  mg216@st-andrews.ac.uk

Marine Ganofsky is currently on research leave, please contact Elodie Laugt langsdopgt@st-andrews.ac.uk

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Date of update April 7, 2020