Selection process

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The Academic Council, composed of representatives from each university of the Consortium, will annually select students who have the academic ability required to participate in the programme.

The Academic Council will also study the mobility tracks best suited to the candidates' profiles, taking into account their preferred choices. It will then be able to offer successful candidates a specific mobility track involving: a "Home University" for the 2nd and 3rd semesters along with two other universities in which the student will study during the 1st and 4th semesters respectively. Candidates may subsequently request, but may not be given, a mobility track different from that agreed by the selectors as the basis of the offer.

Upon agreement between the Consortium and the candidate regarding his/her mobility track, each student will be assigned a tutor in his/her Home University. These tutors will specialise in a field of research relating to the candidate's study project specificity and will advise them throughout the duration of the programme. Moreover, each student will be have regular contact with the local Crossways representative in each of the establishments in which he/she will study.

The selection process will be held in June 2021. We advise you to make sure the email address in your application is correct and valid. Any information related to your application and the selection process will be done by email.

Results for International Masters programme Crossways in Cultural Narratives: June 2021

The consortium will inform you if any changes occur.

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Date of update April 13, 2021