The Erasmus Mundus Masters programme Crossways in Cultural Narratives (CWCN) is the continuation of two former Erasmus Mundus programmes Crossways in European Humanities (2005-2011) and Crossways in Cultural Narratives (2012-2018).

This 2-year Erasmus Mundus Masters programme in comparative literature and inter-medial studies offers a unique opportunity to enjoy high quality academic standards in three different Universities among the 12 Universities involved in the Crossways Consortium worldwide.  At the end of your 2-year Erasmus Mundus Masters programme, you will obtain a maximum of 3 Masters degrees.

If you are an undergraduate student, in the field of Humanities/Arts/Social Sciences/Languages, this Masters programme is for you.


Application for Erasmus Mundus Masters programme 2020-2022 – cohort starting in August/September 2020:

  •    With Erasmus Mundus scholarships: from October 20th, 2019 to January 24th, 2020
  •   Without Erasmus Mundus scholarships: from October 20th, 2019 to May 15th, 2020





Ariunaa - 2015/2017

"My experience with the  CWCN program has enriched my knowledge of European cultures. It has also provided me with a deeper understanding of my own culture, Mongolia."

" Соёлын Хүүрнэлүүдийн Огтолцоо (Crossways in Cultural Narratives - CWCN) боловсролын хөтөлбөр нь Европын соёлын тухай мэдлэг, ойлголтыг баяжуулснаас гадна орчин үеийн Монголын соёлоо улам бүр гүнзгий ойлгож өөр өнцгөөс судлахад минь тусалсан юм. "

Anisha - 2016/2018

"Coming from India, the concept of ‘crossways’ and multi-culturalism is not alien to me, but what this course offers in its academic form is extraordinarily unique in that one not only gets to meet and mingle with people from very diverse and inspiring backgrounds but also to study in no less than three different academic institutions, each characteristic of its country and culture."

Kenneth - 2016-2018

"The Administrative and the Academic staff are really helpful and listen to the needs of International students"